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Crateman is a fun little strategy game that has you maneuvering Curtis the Crate Man around a warehouse trying to reach the red crates, which contain the lost treasures of King Kalaporus.

Curtis must stack boxes, push wire rolls, go over collapsible bridges and through steel doors to successfully reach the red crate in each level. Once the objective has been achieved, Curtis will move to the next level.

Crateman has 50 puzzles that become progressively more challenging as you reach each new level. There is a reset button that will start the level over again in case Curtis gets trapped, and a solution button that will provide
you with the answer in case Curtis gets stumped.


The objective of the game is to have Curtis the Crate Man reach the red crate in each puzzle.


You select a puzzle by clicking on the Select button at the bottom of the screen. A special selection menu will 
appear. Choose the puzzle you want to load onto the game board by clicking on the puzzle number. (If this is your 
first time playing the game then choose DEMO and a special demonstration puzzle will lead you through a practice puzzle.)

You move Crate Man using your arrow keys. The Left and Right arrow keys move him left and right. The Down arrow key allows him to either pick up or to drop a crate. The Up arrow key makes Crate Man jump up to the height of one crate.


Brown Crates:
The light brown crates can be picked up and stacked by Crate Man. He can only pick up one crate at a time. 

Wire Rolls:
The round wire rolls cannot be picked up, however, they can be pushed by Crate Man and will roll in the direction 
pushed until they either hit another object or the side of the game board.

On some puzzles you will see bridges. These bridges will collapse once Crate Man has walked over them. However, if a crate or a wire roll is on top of the bridge then the bridge will not collapse and Crate Man can walk over the object on the bridge. (Play the DEMO puzzle for an example of this maneuver) 

Steel Doors:
Many puzzles have two steel doors that Crate Man can enter. If he enters one door he will come out the other door in
the puzzle.


When you successfully solve a puzzle by having Crate Man reach the red crate, the score board will record the puzzle as solved by placing a green dot next to the puzzle number. A red dot next to the puzzle number indicates that the puzzle is unsolved. (To reset the score board you can erase the crateman.skr file.)


Crate Man Directions
Sound Toggle On/Off

Brings up Selection screen

Resets the puzzle on the game board

Shows the solution to the puzzle on the game board
Shareware version 1-3 only Reg. Version 1-50

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Exit Crate Man

Note: Crate Man should not be run with any other programs in the background. Pressing the CTRL, ESC, or ALT key
will exit the game.

Requirements:4MB RAM, 3MB HD, 486DX/66, Windows 3.x/95

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