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In this section I have collected computer games which or could not pick up a category, or for what to create a separate category still early because of their small number. For free download games in each page press download button. When computer games there will be more, probably an addition of other genres of games.


And this game for fans of desktop game - Backgammons. The essence of game consists in that, throwing two cubes with figures from one up to six, to pass all game field to build chesspieces in territory of the opponent and to throw out them from a field before the opponent. It is possible to remove from an initial field only 1 chesspiece. It is possible to lock to the opponent courses. To put chesspieces it is possible one above another, the computer will show you variants of courses.

Byte Bandit

You never played game automatic devices on money where you twist the handle, and behind a window on a drum images of various subjects turn? Then at you such opportunity has appeared. On a drum 3 rings with images of subjects turn. You should choose directions where concurrences of images (3 across are possible and 2 on a diagonal), and for each direction it is necessary to pay. And then twist a drum (a key input) and or to you of nothing drops out, or in a tray money are poured! Game unpretentious, but that who played realities in such games it will be rather amusing, and those who did not play - can feel charm of simple and plain game.


Windows Casino consists of four casino betting games: Craps, Black Jack, Roulette, Video Poker. As you move from game to game, you carry your money with you, just as if you were walking around a real casino carrying a handful of chips.

Checker Board Pazzle

This game - pazzle a chess board under Windows. Here it is necessary to combine a chess board from small slices. If you think, that it so and is simple, try. Fragments of a board are moved by a mousy, it is possible to develop them pressing by the right key of a mousy. If what that the fragment does not approach, it is possible to remove it from a board. Game successfully comes to an end, if you from the data to you of fragments receive a high-grade chess board. Game only at first sight seems idle time!


Many adore to play a dominoes. The essence of game is reduced to that all dominoes to expose on a table forward the opponent. A dominoes are put on numbers, that is to 6-th it is put 6 etc. the Double dominoes of type 3 on 3 and etc. are put also to the appropriate figure, i.e. to 3-th.

Dominoes solitaire

Dominoes offers four different types of domino tile based games for your enjoyment.

King's Bounty

It is game quest where you should find a scepter of king Maksimus. You will battle, travel, talk to people and many other things. Right at the beginning of game you should choose type of the character - the Knight, Palladin, the Sorcerer or the Barbarian.


In game of the Lotto many played, but for those who did not play I shall tell rules. In game there are numbers, and you should find them at yourselves on cards and to mark a mousy (figures become red). The purpose of game - to collect a full horizontal line of figures, and, the more lines you will collect, the better. Any reminders, as well as in real game that you have passed and have not marked figure will not be. Who will collect 3 horizontal lines, that and has won!

Megatron VGA

Megatron is a two-player game. It can be played in a single player training mode but for best results I recommend using two computers. The object of the game simple -- hunt down your adversary and destroy his assault robot.


And this game - quest. Here you will need to search for keys and other necessary subjects to talk to people, to ask them. Management simple - cursor arrows. For using something or for conversation it is necessary to press a key a blank. If the door is open or for example there is an entrance in a cave simply enter. Doors open too a blank.

Sir Addalot

(for children)

Welcome to Sir AddaLot's "Mini" Math Adventure. This is an exciting and educational math game for kids 6 to 12 years old. Get ready for adventure, terrific graphics, and fun learning in this action packed game.

Are added:

King's Bounty

Sir Addalot

Megatron VGA






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