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Small sports games not too much. I offer you what could find. For free download games in each page press download button. If you know, where is similar prompt. It you will help not only me!

Blobby Volley

Here you can play volleyball with the computer, with the friend on the same computer or on a network! A toy unpretentious and thus very nice. Game in her so carries away, that then will not tear off for ears! It is necessary to know only corrected volleyballs: Game goes up to 15 points. The one who serves a ball at success (the opponent has missed a ball) wins a point and submits once again, and otherwise loses submission. On a ball it is possible to strike no more than 3 times, differently the ball is lost. Well and further you will understand! Happy game!



Game GutterBall (Bowling)

Toss the ball with your mouse, and steer it all the way to the pins with gentle mouse guidance. Explore three fantastic alleys in the downloadable version, including an easy to strike alley in cosmic space!


A challenging future hockey game, with fast and smooth action, and crisp graphics. You can play against a friend, one of the computer teams, or try to win the Solar Hockey League itself.

Micro Machines

In this game you will take part in competitions tiny, however rather functional machines and boats. To play rather simply, but does not mean not interesting! As well as in any races - on turns and before roughnesses it is necessary to reduce speed, differently it is possible to fly up both from road, and from water and to be broken! Management of cursor arrows. Personally I was some times broke, before have understood, that the phrase is not absolutely true here: speed do not reduce on turns!

Reach out for gold

In this game you are a participant of Olympiad at once by several kinds of sports: shooting from a gun and an onions, run, navigation, boxing etc. 


It is game which I have named "Mountain skier". Here you should make downhill racing from mountain, avoiding collision with mobile and motionless obstacles. And, though in game very simple the diagram but to play her it is very pleasant. To operate it is possible a mousy or from the keyboard.


In this game you can play houses in bowling. Game contains video a management by rules of game.

Are added:


Reach out for gold


Micro Machines


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