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Many people like to play games of strategy. In most cases similar games very big on the size, but are also strategy of the small size. I also want to bring to small games of strategy to your attention. For free download games in each page press download button. If you know where to find still similar - write to me!


Historical strategy, sea fights and adventures.


The civilization - very known and interesting strategic game where you can construct a civilization from an empty place is at war, build cities trade, develop science and manufacture and many other things. Game grasps from the very beginning! I wish to spend pleasantly!

Elite 1

Strategic game Elite. It is space strategic game. You are in system of galaxies (8-th), in which about 2000 manned planets. Your task - to trade on them. There is a probability an attack of Kirames. You are surrounded with thousand same ships. If you decide to increase the status an attack to you will answer same.

Elite 2

And this continuation of strategic game Elite. Game began more, more colourfully and better.


Empire is a traditional, turn-based strategy game played on a grid of 100 by 60 squares. During your turn, you have the opportunity to issue orders for all of your units and cities. Your enemy (played by the computer) will then do the same. Finally, the computer will resolve all activity for the turn, and report back to you on the results. Play then continues with the next turn, until either you or your opponent is forced into surrender.


This game is made in style Real Time Strategy. It is necessary for you to construct a fort to establish guns and to destroy the ships of the opponent. After fight you should repair walls of a fort and establish additional guns.

Rise of the West

Rise of the West is a multiplayer game simulating the rise and fall of medieval European empire. The object of the game is to achieve the highest victory point total by maintaining and expanding your empire through conquest, ruling, and diplomacy. The game came with an editor, and it also supports both VGA and SVGA, so don't let the small size fool ya.

Smugglers 3


Play a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter or a ruthless pirate and attack whole planets in this sci-fi trading game. In the third part of the award winning Smugglers series you can play a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter, a ruthless pirate, a mix of those or one of many other professions.


Game Splat most of all approaches for style "real time strategy ". Here you operate the command the soldier in deep enemy rear. In a picture on the right you can see the common disposition of enemy armies and see in the same place the command. If the enemy appears in direct visibility the right key of the mouse it is possible to give the command on destruction of the enemy, and left - a direction of movement. It is not recommended to stand on a place as you quickly will take in a ring and will destroy!

The Blue & the Gray

Historical strategy, War between the north and the south of America.

The Mission Risk

The object of the game of risk is to either capture every territory on the board and wipe out all of your opponents, or to complete your secret mission before any one else does. Careful planning and a cunning strategy play a big part in the outcome of a game. Those who haven't got what it takes will be wiped out before they knew what hit 'em.


It is game Town, that is - city. In game you should engage in construction of city and to arrange city it is necessary so that any construction has not washed off the river, correctly to arrange buildings. Game rather unpretentious. In her children will play with the great pleasure.

Are added:

The Mission Risk

Smugglers 3


The Blue & the Gray

Rise of the West




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